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Civilization. Humanity. I consider the two interchangeable in most settings, but there is a key distinction between them that matters greatly. While both represent the sum of all people and their output, "civilization" is a product, a creation of a species that has self-organized into a productive community. Bing search tells me that civilization is "The stage of human social development and organization that is considered most advanced." While this may be true in the context of humanity, we are too aware that the nature and identification of being "civilized" is not a universal trait among us, nor has it been uniform over the course of what we call history.

Civilization is of course, a hugely important aspect of our existence as humanity today, and where it goes from here, is a responsibility owned by the collective will of all individuals and emergent properties such as groups, societies, nations, and the international order.

Progress Tracking

How do we track the long term development of humanity? Over time, I hope to accumulate some key metrics for our work being done. These will take many forms over time.


Total economic output: Total human experiences: Planetary redundancy: TBD, possibly by 2040, non self-sustaining.


Life Expectancy: Happiness: Purpose alignment