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My current personal blog, maintained as a Wordpress instance since 2008 is at, which is an aggregation of previous Xanga, LiveJournal, and hosted-Wordpress instances. The timeframe currently spans 2003-Present.


My first blog was a website I made in 2001 where I wrote journalistic-style articles about events around me. It was hosted at, which tragically is now lost into the internet ether. It was very rudimentary HTML managed via Microsoft FrontPage 2000 (love/hate, really...).

At the time, I wanted to create a public footprint on the internet, my own "Hello World" to the internet at the time, which was substantially different than now. This was before most social networks we have today emerged and the internet was quite different indeed.

Later efforts at blogging spanned a variety of service providers, including Xanga, LiveJournal, Blogger, Vox, WordPress, Medium, Tumblr], but I found WordPress to be, by far, the most versatile for web publishing and content management.

Xanga's slippery departure from the world was clear evidence that as the internet matures and the capabilities of individuals increases, self-hosted web infrastructure will become more attractive to the technically/politically aware, both to counter the monetization schemes of the ISPs or unnecessary snooping of your content from unknowns. Not that everyone has the means or ability to do so, but if we all became more aware and engage in sound practice with our data, it would dramatically improve the security of the system as a whole.


I first started writing online purely as an expression of my creative self, in 1995 those now nostalgic early days of the internet.