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Welcome to SkyrienWiki! I am @skyrien, and this is my online knowledge base. Over the course of time, I hope to turn this into something useful, or at least, something uniquely interesting.

This wiki serves three main functions:

  1. Online directory and reference for all public components of
  2. Presentation and discussion of my worldview and experiences
  3. Flatter representation of and repository for my blog

Think of it as a cross between a personal website and a blog, with an angle towards informative presentation.


I wrote in doing a reboot of my blog that I would likely write about special topics, or "things that matter". I'd also like to consider it a key life goal to contribute my time and abilities to these causes.

In the following sections, I'll explore and expound upon thoughts and issues that I write about in my blog and elsewhere.

Today I: Wondered, Learned, Applied (more)

With all the information available today, there's been no better time in history to pursue and develop one's curiosities and interests. In this section, I'll describe questions that have been dwelling in my mind, and my efforts to bring answers to them.

Being Human: Technology, Culture, Progress (more)

In the 2014 movie Interstellar, one principle realized by the characters is that in thinking about the impact of our lives: "We must reach far beyond our own lifespans. We must think not as individuals but as a species." This speaks to the reality that is the project of human civilization. That our generation today lives on the edge of humanity's arc through time implies a great deal of responsibility and significance to our individual finite lives.

Projects: Past, Current, Future (more)

I have the luxury of being able to work on a number of fun and exciting projects of my personal choosing that encompass my time for hobbies and fun. I'm trying to develop a number of skills, for personal and professional use, and will often do so under the confines of a project. I'll try to list some here that I feel may be useful or interesting.

Joy: Fun, Play, Games (more)

Life should be fun, shouldn't it?

Beyond the above, a general index of topics can be accessed via the following pages (eventually)

general reference | musings on existence | future-orientation | civilization | culture | trends | sustainable development | environmental policy | space science | politics | international relations | democratic development | american foreign policy | defense | robotics | space | intelligence | neuroscience | ai | autobiographical content


Be advised, this is my first wiki. As such, I'm still developing a sense for the ideal presentation of content. The content is not tailored for any specific audience, but I write from a perspective shaped by my life experiences.

As an extension of my blog, I expect this wiki's style to take on an opinionated, personal flavor, so please be aware that (most) of these views are solely my own, and not representative of their topic or any other formal affiliation. Though I strive for correctness, given that I am my own editor, the presence of errors is not impossible, and I make no guarantees of the accuracy of anything written here. For any business requiring anything more than my personal form of truthiness, I recommend conducting your own fact-checking. After all, this is the internet. :)